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Where is my application?

Our team has completed accepting and processing applications for participation in the program.

When programming the conference, we moved away from the “speaker-listener” relationship and were creating a space for a conversation of professionals. We value your presence and willingness to share your experience and respond to the expertise of others.

The letter from us should already be in your e-mail, which you indicated in the application. Sometimes, mail services put letters in other folders. If you didn’t find a reply from us, please try to do the following:

-       Search for letters from in your email – we were sending replies from this address;
-        Look into the "Spam", "Promotions", "Social media", "Mailings" folders or others that your mail service provides you with. Perhaps, our letter got lost there;
-        If both options did not work, write to us directly using the email address from your application, and we will check it again.

Follow the conference news on our social media and stay tuned.